Essentials of Project Management

There are a few points that we believe that every project manager should remember. These are as follows:

Project Alignment – The PM should make sure that each project aligns with the organization. This is imperative to get support from company executives and other potential stake holders.

Proper Project Plan – The PM and the team need to spend considerable amount of time in requirement analysis and breaking down the work structure. Many projects fail because the plan is not laid out in a proper manner. (Source)

Improper Estimates – The PM needs to be truthful in estimating the completion time and resource requirement for each task and stage of the project. Poor estimation can drive a project to failure very quickly.

Work the Plan – When you have completed the requirement analysis and the the project plan, make sure that you stick to it until the project completion. The plan works only if you do!

Track Changes – Whenever there are changes to your plan, make sure to use a change management system to keep track to changes and then follow the new plan.

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