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Call Center Software Helps With Scheduling Management

Managing a call center can be one of the most challenging positions that people can take on during their professional careers. Thankfully, as with many other jobs, having the right tools like call center software, can really help to relieve the burden of effectively and successfully running a call center. With the right software in place, the experience of being a call center manager can be very fun and rewarding.

Scheduling Is Crucial For Quality Call Center Software

Perhaps the greatest advantage of using a good call center software system like the CISCO’s Customer Journey Platform is that scheduling becomes a breeze. Scheduling can be one of the most challenging pieces of the puzzle when it comes to completing the duties of being a call center manager. Ensuring adequate scheduling can often be a nightmare for call center managers, and especially so if the manager is having to manually enter schedules.

When call centers only have a few agents working, manual scheduling can work and work well. As call centers grow, the ability to ensure that agents have their requested shifts, attend training, ensure adequate coverage for higher anticipated call volumes, and ensure that proper key performance indicators (KPIs) are met can easily become far too much for manual scheduling to handle. This is when it is time to take advantage of call center software.

When applied to scheduling, call center software allows managers and supervisors the ability to schedule based on the needs of call centers as well as the budget of the center. The software can help to manage when agents log in and out, when they are scheduled to take a break, additional agents who may want to work a flexible shift, and what agents need to be on vacation during peak call center times when volume is often at its highest.

Call center software that can handle scheduling well can help to aid managers by producing a schedule that not only takes the factors listed above into consideration, but also makes certain that agents are happy by allowing them to attend mandatory training and coaching time while anticipating when the call center is going to be the busiest.

Managing Volume Changes Is Much Easier With Call Center Software

When trying to manage a call center that has more than 100 agents working, or when the center has multiple clients, then call volume is going to vary significantly almost every day. To make certain that the center is getting the highest revenue possible, is important to try to be busy all the time. Making agents be on the phone all the time however, is not typically conductive for them to be able to improve and grow in their positions.

With good call center software in place, you can make certain that all the phones are answered when volume is highest, while also giving your agents the ability to grow and advance during important activities while on the center’s downtime. For example, your agents will not be able to improve their individual performance while answering calls by simply continuing to do a poor process. If they are unable to understand the main things that need to happen when they’re interacting with customers, the issues need to be addressed and taken care of so that overall customer satisfaction can be improved.

Being able to schedule the time needed to address issues such as this will help call center agents improve their overall performance. This results in agents being able to use good feedback to create a better experience for customers while also being more engaged in their jobs. When call center software is properly utilized for scheduling based on the needs of call centers, the final results are sure to help move the center in a positive direction.

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